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Artist PaynMusic On The Rise

Artist PaynMusic On The Rise

Timothy Payn. Timothy Payn, or also known as @PaynMusic is a music artist on a mission! Born in Grand Rapids Michigan, Payn has an entrepreneurial mindset, makes music, landscapes, & builds program electronics, and help startup companies organize. Payn is on a mission to make his mark on the music industry. Payn has expressed in interview that "My next move will always be taking steps toward the top. Some of these steps I'm sure will blow some minds though". This is a great mindset for an artist to have. Payne is always working on music and always in the studio perfecting his craft. Payn has "Letters To Monicarlo" album coming in the next 12 months & also have some singles in the works. "Walk a Mile" and a self titled "P.A.Y.N" coming in the next 6 months. This artist is grinding and we look forward to see what he has on the way.

Twitter: @PaynMusic

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