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Dani Rikab: Pioneering a New Era of Car Photography in Beirut

Dani Rikab: Pioneering a New Era of Car Photography in Beirut

In the bustling streets of Beirut, Lebanon, a unique car enthusiast has emerged, revolutionizing the world of car photography and videography. Dani Rikab stands out not just for his passion for luxury cars, but for his distinctive style of taking selfies with supercars. This innovative approach has set him apart, making him a pioneer in a genre that blends personal branding with automotive excellence.

A New Perspective on Car Videos

Unlike traditional car shows that focus heavily on technical specifications and reviews, Dani's content brings a fresh perspective. His videos are notably silent, allowing the beauty of the cars to speak for themselves. By avoiding spoken commentary, Dani creates an immersive experience that lets viewers appreciate the intricate details and design of each vehicle. This unique approach also sets him apart from potential imitators, solidifying his place as an original content creator in the automotive world.

The Journey Begins

Dani's journey into the world of car videography began in 2015 when he launched his YouTube channel. However, his fascination with luxury cars started even earlier. In 2014, he captured his first luxury car selfie with a Rolls Royce Wraith, a moment that marked the beginning of a new trend in Beirut. This was followed by a photo with a Lamborghini Gallardo in 2015, further establishing his reputation. By 2016, Dani had posted his first selfie on Instagram with a C7 Corvette Stingray, signaling his commitment to this unique style of car photography.

Overcoming Criticism with Passion

Like many innovators, Dani faced initial criticism. Skeptics questioned his approach, wondering if it could truly resonate with car enthusiasts. However, Dani's unwavering passion for cars and his dedication to bringing something new to the table won over critics and fans alike. His ability to continuously innovate and his genuine love for supercars have earned him widespread recognition.

A Growing Fanbase

Today, Dani Rikab's fanbase eagerly anticipates his latest posts, which feature a variety of cars from Lebanon, both old and new. His Instagram and YouTube channels have become go-to destinations for car lovers seeking a fresh and personal take on car photography and videography. Dani's ability to showcase these magnificent machines in a relatable and visually appealing way has made him a beloved figure in the car enthusiast community.


Dani Rikab's journey from a car enthusiast in Beirut to a pioneering figure in car photography and videography is a testament to the power of innovation and passion. By taking selfies with supercars and producing silent, immersive videos, he has carved out a niche that is uniquely his own. As he continues to explore and document the world of luxury cars, his fans can look forward to more stunning visuals and inspiring content that celebrates the beauty of automotive design.

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