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Get To Know Anthony Puccio

Get To Know Anthony Puccio

Anthony Puccio is a 20 year old promoter from NYC. He works with big celebrities and hosts events where fans come out and vibe to all the music played throughout the event. He has a large following and strong fan base throughout and around the city. Anthony is also an event planner. He is known for packing out venues throughout the city. Anthony has promoted for some of the biggest clubs in NYC like Bounce, Harbor, Lavo, Somewhere Nowhere, Slate, and more. He started promoting two years ago when his promoter AbeTheF*****The promoter asked him to try it out. Upon trying out Anthony instantly fell in love with it because he was basically getting paid to party, which was a pretty amazing side hustle that he personally recommends to every college student.

Some nights he would only make a free hundred dollars, on bigger nights he would have made up to 10,000 plus. Last year in 2021 he decided to partner up with a longtime friend of his, Brian Piranej;!to create Divine Hospitality Group. They had their first big successful event in Westchester,NY with J.I. The Prince of NY, which had over 1,000 attendees. Anthony had hosted events with many celebrities such as The Nelk Boys Diplo, Tiesto, Charly Jordan, Rappers soWayv, 50 Cent, A boogie, B lovee, Melvoni, C Blu, Set Da Trend, Leeky G Bando, Poppa Hunna, Souljaboy, famous Tik Tokers, Griffin Johnson, Joey Nero, and many more have attended his events. His favorite experience was his halloween party in 2021 when we hired Leeky G Bando to perform at their event after his set at Rolling Loud because he brought out Bizzy Banks and their attendees went absolutely nuts. (Love you Leeky G for that). To this date Divine Hospitality has hosted events totaling over 10,000 attendees across the board from all different backgrounds. If you are a college student looking to make money Anthony would highly recommend promoting, not only do you make money, you have lots of fun, and meet a lot of good people. Anthony wouldn’t be that good of a promoter if it wasn’t for the guidance he had from Abe, JP Pastis, George Karavias, and Ian Magid. They all have had a huge influence on helping him grow not only as a promoter, but as a person.