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Get To Know Ctee Thomas

Get To Know Ctee Thomas

Ctee Thomas is a talented music artist from West Covina , CA. Ctee Thomas has been in the music industry for over four years. One of his biggest accomplishments is elevating his music. Thomas was tough during COVID by Ctee, didn't give up and overcame the obstacles. Ctee Thomas is dropping more content this year. A year from now Ctee Thomas sees himself more established and successful in the music industry. He has a willingness to strive and never give up through hard times. Ctee has a good ear when it comes to listening to what people have to say. People also gravitate towards him because of his personality and how he carries himself. Ctee Thomas is known for hit songs such as, "The Pack". In the music video visual to "The Pack"; Ctee can be seen rapping bars with catchy flows in a high quality entertaining video.

Interview With Ctee Thomas

What is your real name & stage name?

Real Name: Cameron Thomas

Stage Name: Ctee Thomas

Where are you from?

West Covina , CA<