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Get To Know F4L

My name is Evan Jacob Flear and my stage name is F4L.

I’m a rapper from a small town in Kentucky called Princeton.

I make clean(er) music. I try my best to keep all the cursing out of my music so people of all ages can listen. I like to give my music layers, so depending on the age group someone can interpret it however they decide to.

I’ve been making music for going on 12 years now, starting when I was 8 years old. I’m 19 now. I treated it as a hobby for a while, just messing around with it when I first started. It was when I got into high school I started to take it more seriously because I saw other people wanting to do it and release it to the world.

I got my first little “gig” by performing at our local bowling alley. I didn’t do it for any money. I just happened to ask the lady behind the counter if I could perform and she let me. I was 17 at the time. Later on down the road I had the chance to perform there again. My highschool let me perform a few times too. Two different times for the people at lunch, and once during prom. I’d have to say those were some of the greatest moments coming up so far as an artist.

My biggest accomplishment is transitioning my music over to clean(er) rap. I used to make music with cursing in it, but I decided to transition it to cleaner music so people of all ages can listen to it.

I think I can say COVID affected my career in a positive way. When COVID hit, our school ended up switching to a virtual scene. That gave me plenty more time to work on my craft and get better at writing music. Some days I would spend 8 hours or more in our garage at home working on music. Working towards making my music sound as good as possible before I released any more for people to hear. It gave me plenty more time to do research on how to market music and get it out there to people so I could do it the right way, and with less mistakes.

My next move would have to be releasing merch. I’d like to get some merchandise up and ready for people to rep by the start of 2023. I’ve had plans to do so for a while, but got a little lazy and didn’t get around to it.

I’m working on my first album project and its name is going to be “I Hope To Change This Karma.” It’ll be about hard times that I’ve been recently going through, and how I hope to change my bad karma around.

In a year I hope to be out touring, or maybe working on a song with J. Cole. Someone tell DreamVille to sign me! (Could you try and find a way to fit that about DreamVille into the article? It’d be like my way of getting their attention and maybe getting signed by them. It’d mean the world to me. It’s like, one of the only labels I’d sign to)

As for anything else I might want people to know about me… I grew up in a family of 6. I’m the youngest out of all of them. Growing up I went through a lot. I started experiencing people passing away in my family around the age of 7 when my grandmother on my dad’s side passed. Later on down the road on January 16, 2015, my sister passed away in a car accident. That really hit me hard because she was one of my main inspirations to start making music. She used t