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Get To Know Fuse982

Hello everyone!!!!    I go by the name of Fuse982 and I'm an artist coming out of North Carolina!!!    My start into music was crazy I basically heard my older cousin rapping an entire conversation to a girl on the phone.   I've been hooked ever since!!   Growing up in a single parent household was tough but it made me stronger and built me into the man I am today!!!    My inspiration comes from how I can inspire someone else to be great and I'm always motivated to push and help others.    I've always been a fan of music and love hearing things in music to make you think or visualize.    Anyways tap in with me and get to know me more I love meeting new people and socializing with everyone.    Love and blessings to all.   

Social Media 

IG @fuseusin 

Twitter @WWrighten

TikTok @fuse9821

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