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Get To Know Goyah Bean

Get To Know Goyah Bean:

KC better known as Goyah Bean is a talented audio engineer, producer, and DJ from The Lower East Side; in Manhattan, NY. Goyah Bean has over ten years experience. He is also very talented with the guitar and has a great ear for music. Goyah Bean truly has an artistic musical inclined mindset. Goyah Bean is in the process of opening his business and taking things to the next level. He also has an entrepreneurial mindset and studies the business down to the letter. Goyah Bean has mixed and produced beats and records for several talented and established musical acts. His music and mixes have been heard worldwide. He is constantly working on new music, mixing, beats, and content. Goyah will be releasing more music in 2023. Over the years he has built a solid fanbase in NYC and out of the state. The future's looking bright for Goyah Bean. Goyah Bean is CEO of “Sasong In The Pot LLC”. His business has several reviews of satisfied customers and an overall rating of five out of five stars.

Interview With Goyah Bean

What is your real name & stage name?

I go by KC but i'm more known for Goyah Bean.

Where are you from?

The lower east side.

What do you do?

I am an Audio Engineer/ Producer/ Dj.