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Get To Know Illy

Jason Hutchinson better know as Illy is a talented music artist hailing from Kentucky. Illy found his passion for music when he was just ten years old. He began recording music at the young age of twelve. Illy was inspired by his brothers. Watching his brother create a rap for up before his eyes motivated him. His dad also made music and was talented. Music definitely runs in his bloodline.

He moved to Georgia at the age of 14. Fast forward to now and the twenty four year old has unreleased music with Project Pat. He has also ran into French Montana's cokeboys and has met members and built close relationships with some. Hs has songs with some of them and they follow eachother on social media. He has sampled songs with Kxng Crooked and has met a few different celebrities; some with pictures posted on his official isstagram.

Illy wants to make music for people to get a good feeling. He wants ti invoke the emotion out of the listener with every song. His main goal is to be himself and too make music people can relate to and vibe with.

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