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Get to Know Sai Mugga

Sai Mugga is an on the rise recording artist from Philadelphia, PA. He gained interest in music at a very young age. At age 14 he began freestyling and later at age 16 officially began working on his songwriting abilities. Life situations help him to create and express himself. Although music has always been prevalent in his life. It was always around him. He slowly became infatuated with the professional aspect of music.

Sai has a style like no other. It is completely unorthodox, dark and soulful. When in the creative process he likes to mumble and hone in on the flow that he is feeling for the track. It helps him organize a melody and delivery. Right now he is currently pushing his latest releases that include “Still”, “The Breakin’ Point” featuring Dot52 and “Sincerely Sai”. These records are out on all major platforms including YouTube.

This fall he is working on releasing a new album  titled “The Temperature Dropping” in October. He states “It was originally supposed to be an EP. I started to add more songs to the track list and save some of my others for the follow up album coming in 2023.

That one will be named after my Instagram handle. Which is “ColderThanCold”. I’m appreciative of the opportunity to share that with the world and like minded people as myself. The people that have a genuine love for hip hop music. Not just the streets but people of all walks of life.” Be sure to check out his content now on all streaming platforms.

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