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HORENZOH, The top model come back DJ / Designer !

Portrait today of a man of only 26 years old and already promised a great career... A career he began almost 10 years ago in New York where he was spotted by the very famous Wilhelmina modeling agency. HORENZOH has distinguished itself by its atypical Bad Boy style, its rock n roll look and its numerous tattoos . the little lenny kravitz ! He thus made a name for himself by parading in the service of haute couture and big brand ( Nike , Boohoo man , Saint Owen , Valentino , jack jones , Richard valentine ect… magazine in the world ( Russia , Mexico , Indian , USA , France and by collaborating with stars such as The Weekend or Nicky Jam Today and after having worn the creations of the greatest couturiers, HORENZOH makes us taste the pleasure of his own works, through exceptional leathers, paintings of art or even sunglasses which is, he tells us , "the essential accessory of a rock n roll star". We are also lucky enough to discover a few pieces from his first collection, which promises to be So Darkness… However, the Rock boy gradually reveals his work to us through artists with whom he collaborates, such as Ataca the famous bachata dancer, el mega the famous Dominican singer, thyago from the rich music label, Gramp kemp and many celebrity Fashion and design are not the only talents of HORENZOH, the young prodigy also shines in the musical universe in which he will transport us in 2022. he just signed in select model the celebrity agency represent the best celebrity in the world , and Bounty LA the agent of HORENZOH Portugal / Mexico / Spain / Italy many destinations where you may be lucky enough to cross his path… Indeed, the coming year is already busy for this DJ producer with a Show tour in Portugal, United States, Latin America, Europe artistic projects When he is not traveling the world, HORENZOH recharges his batteries in his country house, a Mediterranean-style villa in which he enjoys creating and spending time with his loved ones. Needless to say, we're looking forward to her first show and her official arrival in the big leagues.

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