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Interview with Ayobib

Interview with Ayobib

What is your real name & stage name? Chris Abbatepaolo Stage name : Ayobib Where are you from? East Islip. Long Island, NY. Shoutout to the south shore baby What do you do? Rapper/ Songwriter How long have you been in your industry? Since 2017 but beyond publicly making music my entire life. It started from a yougin in commercials and expanded to being in the spotlight of America’s Got Talent, finally leading to my rap career.

What is your biggest accomplishment? In all reality, musically i haven’t achieved shit. I mean yes I’ve opened up for names like Jesus Hancho and people of that stature, gotten the distro deals but I’m still just in the very VERY beginning of my career. How has COVID affected you on your journey? ain’t shit. I didn’t let covid stop shit What's your next move ? i just dropped a project called AYO Vs. The World Vol 1. Link is below Right now strictly promotion, marketing, Spotify playlisting, apple playlisting. Things of that nature Are you working on any projects? No. Strictly building my catalog and promoting the latest drop Where do you see yourself in 1 year ? shit like half a mil in the bank another half a mil in my hand Is there anything else you want people to know about you? Who got a band in they hand. Y’all already know the slogan click the link below and run it up

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