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Interview with Dakoda Craft

Interview with Dakoda Craft

Q.) What is your real name & stage name?

A.) "Dakoda Craft is both."

Q.) Where are you from?

A.) "Mount Sterling."

Q.) What do you do?

A.) "I'm a Cavalry Scout in the Army, and I love making music!"

Q.) How long have you been in the industry?

A.) "I have been making music since I was 6 years old. I stopped for a couple years after my papaw passed away. And now I'm back and taking it seriously. So I have been in the industry for a little while I'm 23 now."

Q.) What is your biggest accomplishment?

A.) "To me my greatest accomplishment has to be when I released my first album!"

Q.) How has COVID affected you on your journey?

A.) "The COVID hasn't really affected me honestly. I haven't caught it yet and even if I ever did I would still find ways to make music and record."