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Interview with Egypt

Interview with Egypt

What is your real name & stage name?

Verena Bishara / Egypt.

Where are you from?

’m from Brooklyn NY, my entire family originated from Egypt. They moved to Brooklyn in the 90’s. After being In Brooklyn for ten years & birthing 4 girls. They decided to move to the suburbs, Orange County , where I lived until I was 17.

What do you do?

I'm an artist. I sing , which is my true passion. As well as rap for fun & I also model, do music video appearances & I’m professional celebrity dancer on the side tho. That just gets the bills paid while I support and invest in my music career.

How long have you been in your industry?

I have been passionate about music my whole life. I could sing since before I could talk my mom would say. I grew up doing chorus in school since 4th grade & choir in church since about preschool. I started auditioning and appearing in talent shows since 6th grade. At the age of 12 I auditioned for America’s got talent with my older sister in New York City. In highschool I got mixed up in the wrong things and tapped out for a few years. Till about 17 I started to write and sing again. Than year 2020 during the pandemic is when it opened my eyes and made me realize I wasn’t happy working where I was and it wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. If you could ask anyone who truly knows me what I’ve wanted to do my entire life , with no doubt they would tell you singing. A famous singer at that. 2020 was the year that changed my life where I truly made a difference in myself and went super hard. I started recording during the beginning of 2021. I even built my own in home studio all by myself. I’ve been hitting all my goals & dreams ever since. I’ll never look back. I believe that god & my parents gave me this talent and ability to make a difference in this world and our family. My family sacrificed a lot just to leave everything they had and ever known in Egypt. To come from a third world country where everything is so different, to big ol America where they had nothing and didn’t know a lick of English to give me and my sisters a better life. We struggled A LOT growing up. All I knew was poverty growing up. The only thing that kept me going was my singing. But I always said even as a little girl I’ll make sure no matter how hard I have to go I will prove to you why you guys did this for a reason. I will be so successful with my music I’ll give them the life they could never have. The life we’ve always wanted. Financial comfort. Stress free. Full of love & life and travel.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment I would say was when I took the step to leave everything I had in New York and travel by myself to California with nothing but 300$ in my pocket and hope. That same week I danced for Young M. A. & made my first 2000$. I literally cried. It hit me different Bc were both from Brooklyn NY…. Making money in Los Angeles California, what ppl can only dream about. It was also the same day that my dog was murdered a year before. I woke up that day depressed on the side of the road with my suitcase (not kidding ) drinking henny at 11 am. I was ready to give up. Till I got a call …. Which as you can see. Changed my entire life. Thanks to honey , my dog who has been watching over me ever since. RIP HONEY. I LOVE YOU. ever since I met more celebs than I can count In just less than a year. I’ve accomplished so much which even surprises me til this day. I know my angels are by my side guiding me the entire way.

How has COVID affected you on your journey?

t’s made me go so fucking hard. I haven’t even thought about it! Yalll say pandemic ? Me and my ppl say BANDEMIC OKAYYYYY I been getting to the bag and can’t a single thing stop me. Lol fuck Corona not gon lie tho it’s def helped me be able to ignore everything I had going on in NY that tried to bring me down before I came to Cali. I literally had so many arrest warrants and tickets. It all makes sense now tho … they do say when the best is to come that’s when all ya demons try to bring u down. But y’all can’t win hahah

What's your next move?

I don’t ever plan things. I go with the flow and listen to my angels. 100%. My next move will be my biggest move yet. Just know that. everyone will know who EGYPT IS!

Are you working on any projects?

Yes I’m working on an album right now. Hopefully will be finished in a few months. It’s called Egypt. You gon learn alot about me and my life for sure. But I am releasing a single very soon called E. G. Y. P. T. tune in & follow me on Instagram @egyptthegoddess_ my old Instagram account which has my whole journey on it was @goddessve_ literally just got deactivated a month ago and I had to start all over hopefully I’ll get it back soon so y’all can see where I really came from and how hard I’ve gone all year. But thanks to my lovely supporters I’ve already grown my new accounts following to almost 10k in a month! Thanks for the love check me out guys ! I’m also on SoundCloud and soon dropping E. G. Y. P. T. On all platforms! Follow me to stay updated.

Where do you see yourself in 1 year?

I see myself honestly , on tour. Singing at shows. With multiple celebrity features. And hopefully opening for some! I’m also interested in acting so hopefully by then I’ll be on tv as well ! Just pursing music, modeling & acting! & nothing more. You’ll see soon enough how hard I been going fr.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you?

Im just a small town girl … in a big fucking world fr. Making all my dreams come true. Not just for me. But for my family. Most of all for my mother. Who bust her ass every fucking day at Walmart at the age of 60 where they literally slave her. It makes me livid. Damn I can’t wait till I can call her and tell her to quit her job. it’s coming soon mommy I promise. I also do this my SISTERS. the loves of my life. Even tho we butt heads and argue a lot only you guys know and see EVERY THING we’ve gone through fr. Things people will never know about us and only you guys truly understand who I am and why I do what I do. My soul sisters forreal. I go hard now so one day you guys won’t have to. I promise I’m gonna make this life easier for us. Just remember we come from royalty. We deserve nothing BUT THAT. I love you all. My family, My friends,. My supporters; thank you.

Spotify once E. G. Y. P. T. Drops I’ll be on all platforms just tune in to my Instagram for the date ! YouTube will be up soon as well.

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