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Interview with Elixir Edge

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Interview with Elixir Edge

What is your real name & stage name?

My real is Marie Mubaiwa but my stage name is Elixir Edge

Where are you from?

I am zimbabwean, i was raised in Canada now i live in the United Kingdom, i guess you can say I am International.

What do you do?

I am Singer/Rapper.

How long have you been in your industry? I have been making music for almost 9 years i studied music performance and music technology. I also have a degree in fashion branding and marketing.

What is your biggest accomplishment? Performing at the o2 academy in Birmingham has to be my biggest accomplishment as a musician so far. I remember when i saw the venue i said this is going to happen for me and 2 years later it did i manifested the goal. How has COVID affected you on your journey? COVID actually made things better for me, I am an introvert I love to stay indoors and create. Working remotely from home actually gave me more time to focus on bringing my dreams into a wider realm of realization. What is your next move? I want to firmly establish myself in the music and fashion industry. I believe fashion gives music a face and music gives fashion a voice. I found my edge when I found my rhythm. Are you working on any projects? I am working on an e.p called Six Rings Double Edge I will be releasing it in January 2022. My latest song ghost hitter is the leading single from the project. Where do you see yourself in 1 year ? I see myself performing more working with a diverse range of artist and moving in alignment with destiny. I’m not taking days off until i reach the top. Is there anything else you want people to know about you? I am a woman of many talents, creativity resides in my DNA. People can always expect the unexpected from me. I am a different breed.

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