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Interview with @Flossdaily2x

Interview with @Flossdaily2x

1. What city are you from/ Where are you based now?

I’m from the city of Philadelphia born and raised. Based in Philadelphia currently, but looking to relocate within the tri state area.

2. What is your real name? What is your Stage Name? How did you get your artist name?

My real name is Coby Wallace. Artist name is $teez Flo$$ aka stone cold stunna. The name was created by me. I was looking for a name to showed a lifestyle and something different, it came to me while watching the Philadelphia phillies play the san Francisco giants. And taking their initials and turning it into something.

3. At what point in your life did you decide to pursue a career in your field?

I was about nineteen or twenty when I started taking music seriously. I use to rap in the basement with the homie chase revolver, who had a idea with music and a plan to help the gang help themselves and take our talents and something out of nothing.

4. Has your upbringing played a role in shaping who you are and defining you today? If so, how?

My upbringing keeps me focus on having a balance in dedication and persistence. It gives me a balance in my sounds as well; to trying bridge a gap between rap and melodies from different sounds being played as I grew up. That being from my grandparents with Motown and jazz sounds, my parents with RnB and hip hop and old school vibes, and different groups of friend’s music from latin pop culture to Caribbean vibes to present sounds.