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Interview with @IAmOverlord_Fate

What is your real name & stage name? Well my name is Deshaun Blake , but my GGR thugs know me as Overlord and of course the ladies refer me as “Deshy “. To the world I’m known as Overlord_fate or simply Da Rula .This Young Artist is Currently 18 years old!

Where are you from? I’m originally from Kingston Jamaica , on a street I , myself proclaim as 8 Killy block ,but now I’m currently residing in Florida.

What do you do Ever since 2013 , I decided I wanted to become a business man and a rapper . In the Mid point of 2015 , I took on the moniker Overlord then I began starting up my own company called Golden Glory Records. So basically I sell merch and sign rappers , producers and people with particular skills I’m looking for in a team . How long have you been in your industry? I’ve been in this business for 6 years as a 14 years old child . What is your biggest accomplishment? My biggest accomplishments as been , getting my own car , my official company on google , my GGR empire , improving and crossing things off my plans . How has COVID affected you on your journey?

Hasn’t affected me in any way , got my own car , my own crib , expanded my clout and gave me more time to focus on my plans . What's your next move ? I’ve came up with 19 individual plans and I’ve competed 8 and a half I’m on the half point known as “Phase 3 “ . Once I completed phase 3 I should have enough power to commence with the other half of my plans such as getting a light skin which is essential and revamping my GGR empire. Are you working on any projects ? I have like 8 long awaited albums to drop but I don’t think it’s the right time. Where do you see yourself in 1 year ? If everything goes according to plan, I should have enough power to be at a height level of income, clout, and maybe a light skin son. If you could pick one or the other what would you choose, the money or the fame? Too much problem comes with fame, if I was handed 10 million dollars right now I’ll dip to a even more suburban town and settle in life . Social Media:

What else would you like to let people know? Overlord_fate , better known as Overlord Da Rula,is a 18 year old Jamaican and American rapper , singer , songwriter, and CEO of Golden Glory Records (GGR) .Among his various nicknames such as : Deshy , Papi Deshy , Yung Lord , GGR king ,King Deshy , and GGR General . He states that “Deshy” was created for the use of girls calling him that and “Overlord” was created for his GGR thugs ,associates and fans to address him by .

His musical influences are lil Mouse , lil Durk ,1030 tuwop , King Von , Smokingskul , and Vybz Kartel

Overlord December 2019

Golden Glory Records (GGR) was founded back in 2015 by some of Overlord’s former associates . Because of Overlord’s cockiness and always in the mix , he got the attention and buzz for the group , so ultimately Overlord decided to take the name and the group for him self , because he was the only one putting in work . Disputes and arguments about who switched up on who , led to the group being disbanded leaving Overlord as the solo member and owner of the group . Knowing he couldn’t be the only one , he then decided to sign his current friend but former Protégé Smokingskul.

Beef of 2015 :

September of the year 2015 , Overlord’s signed artists at the time were Smokingskul , D.S.T , Og Bryan currently known as Twib , and Gus . Then out of nowhere, this rival white rapper called Lil flyest started beefing with GGR over social media on a app called Kik , because he didn’t like our flows , lyrics ,and thought they were just “trash “ . Smokingskul , Gus and Lil flyest were sending shots “diss songs “ back and forth for like 2 weeks . Lil flyest apologized to Overlord in private so Overlord decided to team up with Lil flyest and that made Smokingksul very angry so smoke dropped 3 diss songs and left GGR because of Overlord’s betrayal .

The hype of 2016 : Overlord and Smokingskul dropped the beef by December of 2015 and decided to drop a Ep distributed by Golden Glory Records“The Hype of 2k16” with songs such as “jail time “ “Bloody Money “ and “Twerk 4 me “ .

Middle -end of 2016 :

Overlord was in a need of a group of rappers so he met his Producer who is still his associate Fuzion Tony who produced and featured in songs such as “Mrs Overlord” , “Callin my phone “ and “underdogs “ just to name a few . Then former members such as T- Gucci , jayristin known now as liltrapp ,Prezzi Jay (Retired ) and Trouble Boi (Retired) .

The beef of 2017 : Smokingskul , Twib and Smoke’s former Protégé Mr Fresho were all disrespecting GGR over a social media app called Snapchat during Hurricane Irma . Twib and Smokingskul dropped a diss song aimed at Overlord with lyrics such as “how u claim to be Overlord when u got slumped for 5 hunnit “ a false statement and a rumor about Overlord getting robbed for 500 dollars “.

March 2018 : Overlord dropped a mixtape called GGR Forever Produced by Smokingskul and featuring him on songs like “Savages “ and May of 2018 Overlord and Smoke dropped a song called “Trapper”

Late 2018 : Overlord had a series of Air forces and decided to make it the current trend amongst his GGR empire ,then eventually the whole city . He decided to rename the shoes “ G-Forces” without having any prior knowledge about G Herbo’s “G-Fazos “until later on.

GGR Dreezy , GGR Guccifer and Overlord G-Force steppin 2019

The year 2019 : Overlord was in a cameo for Smokingskul’s “No hook “ video . He then signed rappers such as GGR Mickey , GGR Guccifer , GGR Dreezy and GGR mar (unofficially) and took GGR Dreezy as his Protégé and released songs such as “I Got Hoes” and “Low key Bitch remix “ and recorded other songs in the vault .

2021 : Although Overlord has been silent for the past few years , he has undoubtedly decided to make a come back to reclaim his power he once had and revamp his GGR empire .

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