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Interview with Jubabiii

What is your real name & stage name?

  • Chase Woodard and I go by the stage name Jubabiii -(ju-baby)

Where are you from?

  • I’m from Clifton Forge, Virginia.

What do you do?

  • I’m a Recording Artist

How long have you been in your industry?

  • I’ve been familiar with music growing up but I didn’t start to take the industry serious until 2019. So about 3 years.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

  • There are many haha! But I would have to say my biggest accomplishment was going live the Jonathan Hicks from the Internet Money Label and him watching my “Stargazing” Music Video.

How has COVID affected you on your journey?

  • It’s was rough at first but I mean, it’s lit now.

What’s your next move?

  • I have a video dropping this month!