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Interview with Kaleigh

What is your real name & stage name?


My real name is Kaleigh Brahosky but I go by the name of “kaleigh” (kay-lee)


Where are you from?


I’m from State College, Pennsylvania.


What do you do?


I am an r&b pop music artist – singer-songwriter and producer


How long have you been in your industry?


I have been singing since before I learned how to speak. My mom got me into singing lessons at a very young age where I was able to learn to project and use my voice as well as sing on stage Infront of large audiences. At the age of 12, I learned how to play guitar and write my own songs. Growing up, I’ve been in countless talent shows, singing competitions, and I also auditioned for American idol. When I graduated high school, Iwent to Berklee College of Music in 2016 for their summer program where I was able to connect with people in the music industry as well as work on my craft as an artist. Since then, I’ve had tunnel vision on making music and chasing my dream.



What is your biggest accomplishment?


My biggest accomplishment is never giving up and continuing what I’ve set my mind to since I was a little girl.


How has COVID affected you on your journey? 


The start of COVID, I had just gotten out of a four-year toxic relationship. During that time, I wanted to focus on myself and put all my energy into something I loved. I bought myself abunch of studio equipment and made a whole studio in my roomwhere I was able to be locked in and completely focused on mymusic. During COVID, I learned how to mix my own songs using YouTube tutorials and paying close attention from my friend who was an audio engineer and learned from him.



What's your next move?


My next move is to continue working – writing, recording, making connections, traveling to perform my songs, and makingmy name known.


Are you working on any projects?


I am currently touring around the East Coast; I’m so hype for my shows coming up. I have 3 shows this week, two are held by 1718 Collective in Brooklyn New York 15th and 16th. My other show will be held at the LOL Club in Lebanon PA the 18th. I am also excited for my interview to come out I had with Damian Williams for Damatrix Studios Network at the Money Lynn Popup Shop Event as well.


Aside from touring, I am also working on getting my EP out within the next two months. I am currently in the process of getting the final mixes down with my audio engineer, Max, shoutout to @mbprdctns for exceeding my expectations for this project.


Where do you see yourself in 1 year?


A year from now I see myself in the studio working and living comfortably in LA with my son Cadence working with my teamto put out my second album.


Is there anything else you want people to know about you?


I never imagined I would be able to get this far with my music and I’m so grateful to my fans and everyone who’s inspired and encouraged me along the way to keep going. This is just the beginning.


Spotify name – kaleigh



Instagram name - whoskaleigh



Youtube name - kaleigh



Tiktok Name - kaleighsound





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