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Interview With Lawless Order

What is your real name & Stage Name?

Stage Name - Lawless Order

We a comprised of 4 members 





Where are you from?

We are from God!

However, in this system, we are from Nigeria, Guyana & St.Lucia, Jamaica & Ghana respectively.

What do you do?

We, as individuals, are creatives!

We create from the mind then manifest it into reality!

We are also entertainers. We entertain ourselves as well as others.

We compliment each other so well in our creative works which include (but are not limited to) Music and fashion.

How long have you been in your industry?

( Key ) To be honest it started with poems and writing songs as a joke at a young age, we talking around 8 years old. However we entered the industry as serious independent solo artists 7 years ago , then came together as a collective to form lawless order in 2020 and have been going hard since so nearly 3 years in the industry as a collective.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

We have to say being able to look back on the journey of we’re we started to are now is our biggest flex. We don’t think we have a standout moment because they all count so much! To the small sparks of genius in the studio to shooting videos overseas it’s being where we are right now that makes everything a major accomplishment!

No funding! 

No end goal!

No idea if it will work!

Just drive & faith!

How has Covid affected you on your journey?

That time that they call ‘Covid’ was a blessing in disguise! We managed to use the opportunity of everybody having to stay indoors to really create the family now known as ‘Lawless Order’.

We will always look back at that time called ‘Covid’ as a time of inception.

What’s your next move?

Our next move really is to continue onboarding people to the lawless journey. We are being discovered everyday & people will begin to realise that lawless is a lifestyle. 

Lawless is more than just music, we have an ethos and we are looking forward to fully telling our story and allowing others to get involved with the experience. Whether it’s clothing where they can feel represented which is launching end of this year or events with a lawless but orderly twist, just make sure you STAY TUNED!

Are you working on any projects? 

We have a project coming out, Moon Landing, that’s very special to us. It’s been 1 year on the making and a lot of energy from us and other sources have gone into it. We know this project will show a different side to us, people might understand more but we also know it’s a project that grows with you as you listen more.  This will definitely be our best body of work to date!

Where do you see yourself in one year?

Everyday we aim to accomplish 1% whether that be working on music or working on ourselves. So in a years time we see ourselves 365% better than the position we are now, better music, better lifestyle, better Lawless!

Is there anything else you would want people to know about you?

We are unique we are unlike anybody else.

YouTube - Lawless Order 

Where to find us 

Facebook - Lawless Order

Twitter - @Lawless_Order

Instagram - Lawless Order 

Snapchat - Lawless Order 

TikTok - Lawless Order 

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