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Interview With Lil Halloween

What is your real name & stage name? My real name is Adanis Rodriguez and my stage name is Lil Halloween.

Where are you from? I’m from Brooklyn, New York.

What do you do? I’m a music artist.

How long have you been in your. industry? I have been in the Industry since 2017.

What is your biggest accomplishment? My biggest accomplishment was when I finally saw my fist check off of my music. It wasnt much but I was proud.

How has COVID affected you on your journey? COVID has affected my family having to take care of them and still pursue my music career. What’s your next move? I’m working on a new album called quantum 2. It has a mix of video game sounds and new sound hip-hop.

Are you working on any projects? In 1 year I see myself at a different level than I am now with my music.

Where do you see yourself in 1 year? I want people to know that even through mental illness you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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