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Interview with MC NIKHIL

MC NIKHIL Talks Debut Album ‘Mukaam’ and New Wave

“The Bandra, Mumbai-based Hindi rapper and artist commanding record swerves in several directions, from noise-rap to trap and more With the audio and visual experience, MC NIKHIL certainly hypes uncaring, often crass lyricism and debauched settings that’s heard and seen in hip-hop globally, but his approach as rapper remains flittering and experimental, hopping from slick trap verses.”

What is your real name ?

MC NIKHIL- My real name is Nikhil HimmatSingh Parcha .

What is your stage name / artist name ?

MC NIKHIL- My Artist name is " MC NIKHIL "

What is your age currently?

MC NIKHIL- I'm 16 years old (as in 2021 )

What drew you to the album in the first place?

MC NIKHIL - The Album is my debut album which is my first time in my whole career this is a best and proudest moment.

Did this album grab you on first hearing, or did it need repeated listening before you started enjoying it?

MC NIKHIL- Some Songs of my album just clicked my mind while recording them in the booth . So every single song in my album is a banger .

Does the whole album fit into a particular musical genre, or does it borrow from multiple forms?

MC NIKHIL- Yes My Album contains a particular Genre which is New wave ( RnB Mumble ) .

Were there particular songs, or even lines, which stick in your mind because of their lyrics?

MC NIKHIL- Yup , the lyrics are super dope and bars are easy to Mumble while listening it , sounds too vibin.

Is there a consistent lyrical style through the album, or a range?

MC NIKHIL- Yessir The Sound have a great connection with the new wave trap rap which is basically autotune rap , so it's new style of rap.

Were there any key ideas or images which were inventive or which worked particularly well?

MC NIKHIL- yeah! There were my imaginary lyricism which worked on many different words and made my album banger.

What does the album’s title reveal, if anything, about the album’s impact and themes.

MC NIKHIL- Album Title "MUKAAM" reaveals a theme which means " Successful Destination " in English

That's the big reason i kept my album name .


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