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Interview with Raiigh

What is your real name & stage name? A: My real name is “Raeqwan” I was named after a member from the wu-tang clan but my stage name is “Raiigh”. I always want to be true to myself. Where are you from? A: I’m from Miami, Florida. What do you do? A: I’m an artist the true definition of one. I rap, sing, songwriter, producer, anything you can think of. How long have you been in your industry? A: I’ve been making music since middle school but I actually chose it as a career while I was in college and eventually dropped out of college. What is your biggest accomplishment? A: I have over 300,000 views on my video “Hot Like The Summer” and over 200k streams on Spotify this year but I would say just being alive and doing what I love is my biggest accomplishment because where I’m from most people don’t make it to this age you’re usually in a cell or in a grave. How has COVID affected you on your journey? A: It really affected my city because in Miami it’s all about going out being seen and performing but when all of that got shut down it made everything move slower because we had to adjust not only as people but as a city.

What's your next move? A: Right now I’m working on putting out visuals to songs of my mixtape “Raiigh” trying to really capture my vision. Are you working on any projects? A: I have a bunch of songs but not really a project put together. I’ll be putting out all types of music just to really see which direction to go for a project cause I’m still figuring out myself as an artist. Where do you see yourself in 1 year? A: In a year honestly I feel like I will be one of the biggest artists out of my city if not the world. I feel like my potential is limitless.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you? A: I actually don’t want people to know anything about me. Just be open to learning about me and all the different things I do and feel through my art whether is music, videos, interviews, etc. I feel like I can be anyones favorite artist and inspiration to a generation.