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Interview with @SophiaMay

Introducing, MISS SOPHIA MAY, a beautiful, singer/songwriter, who with UK producer Bellatrax hit the #1 spot in the US Billboard Hot Dance Airplay Chart for three weeks in a row with “I CAN’T HELP MYSELF” (Nervous Records) and was voted #2 Dance Airplay Song of 2008 in Billboard. It was #1 on Hot 96 Charts in the U.S.

SOPHIA started her professional career at 16 and opened for some of the UK’s best such as Bristol based group Offside (Warner), Colourstone, and Kosheen.

Spring 2009, her second single “ANOTHER DAY” (Nervous Records) reached the top five on Billboard and was on all radio playlists around the country and stayed on the Charts for 17 weeks and was voted the #20 Best Dance Airplay Song of the Decade in Billboard Magazine for 2009.

SOPHIA has appeared at various Clubs in the United States and UK. She has done shows along side Lady GaGa, Michelle Williams and Cindy Lauper. Most recently she performed supported Nelly, Game, and Jeramih in the U.K.

SOPHIA is in great demand as a singer, songwriter and has been asked to collaborate on numerous projects with many young producers and artists. Including writing and recording with the legendary Gloria Gaynor (“I Will Survive”), and writing for 50 Cents Label. Her talent, passion and creative energy continually finds her working on new joints with some of the most popular producers around.

When not performing or writing music, SOPHIA, spends her time being a mom to her young, working with youth at risk, and loves playing sports in her hometown of Bristol, England. A little known fact is that this statuesque beauty was a correctional officer which is where she saw first- hand that a good role model could change their lives in a positive direction. SOPHIA visits schools whenever possible to offer words of encouragement and empowerment.

In light of the recent disasters around the world SOPHIA has offered her performances for fundraising organizations.

“COME BACK” (Nervous Records) with mixes by Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupfer and Digital Dog came dropped in November, 2009 and the song charted at #6.

“What Love is” (Kontor Records) with over half a million views.

“You’re My Love” featured on the Snickers Comemcial across America.

“I WILL NEVER GIVE YOU UP” (NP Records) Obsessive featuring SOPHIA MAY is playing all over the country including Europe and Asia.

“TAKE ME THERE”, (dub step) released this year 2011 in the UK to favorable response with radio airplay and from her fans and can now be found nationwide.

View SOPHIA’S moving song and video “BELIEVE” which she co-wrote and performs with Wu-Tang Artist/Producer, Moe Roc and Produced by Parris Pierce and Ninth Letta. Their inspiration was to motivate youth to stay in school. The Video shot by director Joseph H. Bernard was filmed on location in New York City and Bristol, EN and is a popular request from teacher’s and has been played in elementary and middle school assemblies. Whenever possible SOPHIA and Moe will perform the song live for the student’s.

SOPHIA was approached by the International Reggae Artist, GYPTIAN and together they wrote and released “NAH COME OUT” check it out online.

Sophia has worked on projects with G-Unit who’s Label owner is 50Cent, she wrote songs for Lea, their artist. Sophia Also has new dance singles of her own out. One of them ‘real love’ reaching number 11 on the beatport chart in 2015 through Tazmania Records.

Sophia wrote a song for MTV star Lateysha Grace from ‘The Valleys’ and the song called ‘You Beautiful’ went top 20 in the Official UK Chart.

2016 Sophia May started to support some of the biggest artists in the game. From Nelly, The Game, Jeremih.

2017 Sophia May has been excited about performing new music for her dedicated fanbase. She continues to give back by working on projects like “Urban Lick” and “The music Works“. Working with young people that are talented and up and coming!

2018/19 Sophia May took a break from music in order to focus on her family and daughter…. However, 2019 has offered her some interesting and eventful opportunities in the industry and she returns to work with producers on songs signed to Universal and Tazmania Records, she has also been asked to present at the Regional Youth Music Awards along with her Daughter.

Throughout Sophia’s career and when planning for the future, her biggest inspiration has been her daughter. She is always keen to be involved in projects working in mental health, disability and young people…. oh and a piece of information you don’t know… she’s a qualified mental health nurse!

Sophia is currently working with Juan Grey behind the scenes to advocate for mental health. They are working to find innovative ways to support men in particular. Sophia is a mental health nurse and she has a particularly keen interest in men’s well-being. Her viewpoint is that there is a gap where men are not assessing services as much as women, and to help our men will ultimately support our women.


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