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Interview With TJ wit the Scar

Interview With TJ wit the Scar

What is your real name & stage name? Lionell Tillman P.K.A. TJ wit the Scar Where are you from? Compton, CA What do you do? Writer, Artist How long have you been in your industry? Since 1998 What is your biggest accomplishment? 5 song on Mack 10’s Ghetto Gutter & Gangsta album and new single featuring The Game. How has COVID affected you on your journey?

COVID actually excelled my journey. I founded IG: @ChildSupportIsFraud and started consulting others.

What's your next move ? Video for 2wo X’s with The Game Are you working on any projects ?

Is Child Support Fraud? Documentary

Where do you see yourself in 1 year ?

Best new artist/ #1 Documentary in the world on Netflix. Be on the lookout for my follow-up single with a Mega-Star. It’s BIG!



The ability to reinvent yourself is a unique skill known very well to artist and hustler TJ wit the Scar. The Compton native has seen it all in music and life. He grew up on OG's like NWA, Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte, & LL Cool J. That influence lead to pursuing a music career from an early age. He called himself TJ Santana and joined the Young Hoggs, working alongside rap stars like Mack 10, Death Row, and more. The experience was priceless. "It was mind-blowing and great, knowing if you work hard enough, anything is possible," TJ recalls. "I learned a lot from both generations. It's kind of weird; I'm the little homie and big homie at the same time." He observed the ins and outs of the music industry up close, working with fellow musical geniuses, new and old. His passions grew beyond just the microphone, with his love for music matched by his desire to impact change in his community. Armed with a new perspective, he changed his name to TJ wit the Scar, a nod to the scar he lives with and new beginnings. He likens it to artistic maturity and growth, similar to name changes from Tity Boi to 2 Chainz, or K Dot to Kendrick Lamar. He started a campaign to raise awareness about child support issues and fiercely advocated for his causes. He will release a documentary examining the issue called "Is Child Support Fraud?" and it features a lead single with Compton legend The Game. With tons of wisdom gained through experience and a new album on the way, TJ is ready to make his true mark in music.

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