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Jayon Releases “Slow It Down”

Jayon is a talented music artist who is from Chicago. I had the chance to ask him some interview questions. He has a new single out called Slow It Down release September 1st and it is a very catchy song.

My real name is Christopher Johnson. My stage name is Jayon. I got that name by combining my last name Johnson, and the instrument I play together. I play the piano by the way. I’m from Chicago Illinois. I grew up the west side of Chicago. I been in the industry for quite some time. My mom and dad are recording artist so I was basically born in the studio. I come from a musical two musical families. My dad side plays and my mom side sings. I started off playing drums but when I wanted to get into producing I had to learn piano. It started off as beats, but then it became full blown records! As time passed I started to sing on a lot of my beats. Family and friends suggested I came out as a artist. So I did! When I put out my first song, I got so much love! That fueled me to put out more records. My second record hit 10k on YouTube. And that’s not easy to do. When Covid came it caused me to really spend time with cultivating my sound. I found out who I was as a artist! So now I’m ready to give the fans what they desire! I will be dropping a new single first week of September! In a year I see my self performing on big stages like lollapalooza and many more. My music is meant to inspire people to follow there dreams and to have no fear in life.

Jayon Instagram:

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