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Kingg Splashh on The Rise

Kingg Splashh on The Rise

Kingg Splashh born August 25th, 1994 is a music recording artist from Newark, New Jersey. Kingg has a LLC called “APE” clothing. “APE” is a abbreviation for About Paper Everyday. This is a code that Kingg Splashh lives by as his navigates through the music industry with a business and entrepreneurial mindset. Kingg has been making music for four years, but started taking it more serious in 2019. Kingg Splashh first song was a collaboration with BreezLito. He is inspired by music artist such as G Herbo, Lil Wayne, & MLK. Kingg Splashh makes a combination of Hip Hop, Rap. & Drill music. He comes up with his own music video concepts. He has a unreleased song with Tay 600 on the way soon. Aside from Tay 600, Kingg Splashh has collaborated with Tye Henny, Showly, Skrilla, & more. One day Kingg would want to get a feature from artist like Jay Z, Meek Mill. & G Herbo. He is not signed to a label but would sign the right deal if the conditions and pay were fair. Dior Rollins is Kingg’s son, and his biggest supporter as well as his motivation. Kingg owns his masters and video concepts. While he is working on a new album, he has a lot of music out and dropped three albums this year alone. Five years from now Kingg sees himself living the dream and hopes to one day perform at Madison Square Garden. This artist is very versatile, focused, and determined to reach the top of the music industry. Kingg Splashh is known by his fans for many smash hits including, Driving Me Krazy, Did I Spazz Yet, Speak Highly, & Many Tools ft. Showly.