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Lightskin Bobby Is Making Waves

A singer/songwriter, Breyon "Lightskin Bobby" Sweeting is an Atlanta  based talent working his way to the top.


The first born to a Bahamian father and a southern belle mother. Lightskin Bobby's parents quickly realized he was a star after witnessing him break dancing to Bobby Brown and MC Hammer videos, and singing along to songs on the radio.

After relocating to SC with his family, Bobby began competing in talent shows at seven years old until he was offorded the opportunity to audition at "Showtime at the Apollo."


While performing his own rendition of Usher's "Nice and Slow" got him in the door, Bobby was able to continue to shock the judges all the way to the finals. Unfortunately, he didn't win but the experience and exposure confirmed that it was time to take his talents to the next level. Shortly after the "Showtime at The Apollo," Bobby's family returned back to Atlanta, where he began writing his own songs.


During that time, he continued to enter talent shows, winning first place all around Atlanta. Eventually, Sweeting collaborated with his cousin Lakeem (Ali of popular group Travis Porter) to create three songs that earned him recognition around metro Atlanta.


Later on, he teamed up with childhood friend Gregory Edmonds to become the duo G&B. During their time together, the group was able to create music under the production of Mr. Hankey (a producer well known for producing tracks for Soulja Boy and Travis Porter) and expanded to include a new member, Darren ("DP").


After being together for only a year, the group broke up leaving Bobby to put his career on hold until three years later when he teamed up with childhood friend and producer Brandon (aka PS On The Track).


With a renewed passion for music, Bobby recorded "She Really Wanna See Me" in less than 30 minutes on his 24th birthday. In 2018, he dropped his "Lightskin Bobby" project, which coincidentally promoted him to switch his professional name from Breyon FPMG to Lightskin Bobby. As Lightskin Bobby he released his project "World Wide" In 2019. In 2020 dropped his latest album, "Last Of A Dying Breed," on his 30th birthday. His most recent project was released in January of 2021 titled "Worldwide 2- Dreamteam Edition."


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