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Lil Scorpio King is Next Up

Lil Scorpio King is a music recording artist hailing from Augusta, Georgia. He makes music and has accumulated a large fanbase from his real lyrics. He lets his pain out in his songs and this is a reason why people are drawn to this young artists sound. He is very versatile with music and makes a lot of different types of music that displays his different emotions. He also helps coach upcoming independent artist and educated them about the music industry and rap game. He has always had a passion for music but has been taking music more serious as a career in the past four years. He has unfortunately lost his mother and grandmother but instead of going down a dark path due to this tragedy, he continues to motivate and inspire people with his story. He is a prime example of how you will be successful when you don’t give up. He is known for songs such as Zodiac Signs Zooted , Zodiac Signs Swish , Zodiac Signs Do A Split, Lil Scorpio King Don’t Give Up , Lil Scorpio King Talk My Shi

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