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Lizan Dizaye The Multitalented Artist.

Lizan Dizaye The Multitalented Artist.

Lizan, better known as princess Lizan Dizaye who comes from a popular Kurdish family called dizaye is an artist from Erbil Kurdistan who loves to sing since she was a little girl, Lizan grew up in a small town in Enschede based in holland. Lizan has an amazing unique voice she uses her passionate experiences to make unique vocals. Everything she sings comes from her heart she’s an independent recording artist. multitalented nature environmentalist photographer, climate activist, poem writer, model, wfpusa & sand cloud ambassador, art creator. Her songs lyrics are written by herself. Lizan gained fans in early 2003 when she got awarded for best live singer artist and crowned miss high school, because she sang on big stage in high school the song "Celine Dion" my heart will go on" Lizan joined X factor and got spotted by Getty images. in 2005 she moved to Canada for a while and recorded songs in Vancouver studio, where she gained many more fans via mountain fest her fans compared her to artist Aaliyah and Celine Dion for her multiple unique sound voice. She knew then felt that it would become her passion and it will soon become her career. Once people began to admire her music, she started taking it a lot more seriously. Her first song "George Floyd" was her first serious project released in 2021 followed with being the first Kurdish artist who released trance genre music "reason you love me" and the project song "George Floyd" caught many people’s attention she reached thousands of views in an organic way especially black lives & George Floyd page soon started to follow Lizan on Instagram, she gains fans in an organic way on many platforms especially on YouTube Facebook and Instagram Lizan released many more songs called "Hey my love" her songs played many times on Kiss FM plus "no time for love" and "quarantine" based on people who passed away from covid -19 followed by "Royal blood" based on her royal background and life, Lizan continues making new music she’s multitalented can sing almost all kind of music genres her new song "golden gun" is now available on all platforms

Links to Lizan’s music and platforms


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