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Marquan Elijah Williams beats depression and poverty with his extreme ambition and determination

Marquan Elijah Williams beats depression and poverty with his extreme ambition and determination

Although he had a rough childhood, for a long time, the Detroit hiphop native, Marquan Elijah Williams was able to make a great shift in his life. With his series of dreams, ambition, determination and self-confidence, Marquan was able to beat poverty and all harsh moments that might lead to disappointments. Marquan never gave up and rose up every time he fell. This kind of human strength is deeply fascinating.

It is once said that victory is always possible for one who refuses to stop fighting. Sometimes, when things are not working out, for most people, they start undermining and doubting themselves, yet there are always other ways and new chances to approach challenging and uncertain situations. Nothing is impossible for one who omits the “t” from the can’t and walks on, just like what Marquan did.

Marquan Williams, better known as Quantum or his IG name @thequantumplane was born on October 13,1988 in Detroit, MI, USA to a single mom who gave birth to him at the age of 15 years old. He was raised by his mother and great grandmother. He first began his journey wanting to be a musician and songwriter. As he reached his teens, he had new goals and targets to achieve, mainly to become a self-made entrepreneur. After years of struggles, fighting depression, facing poverty and experiencing homelessness in Thailand, Marquan decided to create his now 250K+ Instagram account “thequantumplane” just nearly 3 years ago and a second account “whoisquantum” last year specialized for music. Since then, he decided to develop his own influencer networks and engagement pods. Working behind the scenes helping other influencers to grow and gain more exposure became his main focus. He had a 600K+ verified Tiktok account that was hacked last year in June 2020. Shortly after he uploaded one last post in June from his IG that was meant to be promoted from his viral Tiktok page of a Tiktok song he recorded titled "OK" produced by Roc Nation's producer Beat Billionaire. That lived on to become his final and largest post thus far. Just when everything was starting to pick up for him the final depression hit. It took 15 months to rebuild and get back heading towards developing one of the biggest social media marketing companies. The company offers various services including Instagram growth, Influencer marketing, Brand development, Engagement specialist, Concierge services (yachts, luxury rentals etc.)

There's much more in store for The Quantum Plane so stay tuned in. to follow up with Marquan’s recents, visit his following Instagram accounts

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