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Meet D$keezy: The Journey from Pensacola to Stardom

Meet D$keezy: The Journey from Pensacola to Stardom

Introducing D$keezy, also known as Young Skeezer or the "Highest Achiever," the dynamic CEO of New Born Nation™️. This rising musician hails from the small town of Pensacola, Florida, and burst onto the music scene in 2017 with his hit record “Where’s $keezy.” This track gained significant attention from TikTok influencers, international choreographers, and even earned small Fortnite sponsorships with YouTube creators.

Building New Born Nation

Before his musical breakthrough, D$keezy founded his brand, N.B.N (New Born Nation), in 2011. During his high school years, he was driven by dreams and faith, always keeping God first. His dedication paid off as he successfully launched his business, eventually turning it into a profitable venture. The success of his hit song propelled him to move to Atlanta, Georgia, with his rap group.

Thriving in Atlanta

In Atlanta, D$keezy thrived by networking as an independent artist while holding down a full-time job. He often says that even a 9-5 couldn't stop his grind. A key moment in his career was winning a freestyle contest that led to a feature with Lil Yachty, which boosted his SoundCloud presence.

Returning to Pensacola

In 2019, D$keezy returned to Pensacola and faced some challenges. Despite these setbacks, he continued his grind and landed features with famous Pensacola natives LBS Kee’vin and Lil Dell. His determination and unique sound prove that he’s here to stay. Now residing somewhere in the South, he continues to put Florida on the map with his unique blend of Drill and Melodic music. Known for his signature look with chains, glasses, and dreads, D$keezy’s distinct sound and cadence make him unforgettable.

The Power Couple: D$keezy and Twiggy

D$keezy is also making headlines with his relationship with Twiggy, a Jackson, Mississippi native who is a model, dancer, influencer, and musician. The couple’s relationship appears to be a savvy marketing strategy, especially since Twiggy recently appeared on the third episode of “Baddies Caribbean” on the Zeus Network™️. Their combined talents and appeal have increased their visibility and influence.

Staying Independent

D$keezy’s decision to stay independent in the music industry stems from his awareness of its corruption. In a 2020 podcast interview, he stated his commitment to remaining independent. This choice reflects his dedication to authenticity and genuine connections with his audience.

Looking Forward to 2024

With a genuine heart, a love for support, and relentless drive, D$keezy continues to be an artist to watch in 2024. His journey from a small town in Florida to making waves in the music industry showcases his resilience and unwavering dedication to his craft.

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