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Meet KizzQ: St. Louis's Dynamic Music and Radio Talent

Meet KizzQ: St. Louis's Dynamic Music and Radio Talent

St. Louis, Missouri, is home to the multifaceted talent of KizzQ, a national radio personality and recording artist. With a diverse musical repertoire that includes rap, R&B, and pop, KizzQ is known for his soulful, lyrical, and melodic sound that captivates audiences worldwide.

The Musical Visionary

KizzQ is more than just an artist; he is a visionary who infuses his music with fun, energy, and positivity. His goal is to create songs that uplift and connect with listeners, offering an engaging musical experience that resonates deeply with fans.

The Mixx RadioShow

KizzQ's influence extends beyond his music through "The Mixx RadioShow," a nationally ranked program on Streetz 1051 radio station in St. Louis. This platform allows him to engage with a broad audience, showcasing his dynamic personality and musical expertise.

New Single: "Missed Calls"

KizzQ's latest single, "Missed Calls," is a reflection of his journey as a national recording artist and radio personality. Inspired by his hustle to create and seize opportunities, the song motivates listeners to pursue their goals with determination. "Missed Calls" is a call to action, encouraging people to focus on significant business ventures and elevate their lives.

Exciting Future Projects

Looking forward, KizzQ is gearing up for the release of his new album, "KizzQ vs KizzyQ," and "The Mixx Tape," an exclusive compilation EP powered by MIXXclusiveLLC, slated for release in 2024. These projects are set to further showcase his talent and continue his mission of creating impactful music.

KizzQ is on a mission to inspire and uplift through his music and radio presence. Stay tuned for more exciting releases and continue to follow his journey as he makes waves in the music industry.

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