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Suffering From Luv: A Journey Through the Highs and Lows of Love

Suffering From Luv: A Journey Through the Highs and Lows of Love

Love. It's something we've all experienced, whether it's brought us joy or heartache. My latest tape, "Suffering From Luv," is a testament to the duality of love and its profound impact on our lives. Through this project, I aim to showcase how love can be both a beautiful and painful experience, and I'm excited to share my journey with you.

Reflecting on My Musical Journey

My first tape, "Change of Hearts," was my debut into the music world. It was my introduction—a way to let people know who I am and how I create. The success of that project marked the beginning of my rookie year in music, and it was just the start. Since then, my life has undergone significant changes. I've lost relationships, money, and at times, even myself. Yet, these tough times have taught me resilience and the importance of pushing forward.

Building My Brand and Team

Since my first tape, I've been in what I like to call my "business era." I've been working hard to establish my presence in the world and build something substantial. One of my proudest achievements is creating my own label, filled with incredibly talented individuals who specialize in various areas. This group was inspired by my love for Odd Future. I admired how they created something unique and impactful, and I wanted to do the same—but with my own twist.

Standing Out and Inspiring Others

In my area, people are used to seeing the same thing over and over. I strive to be different, to stand out by being my authentic self. I believe that by doing so, I can inspire others to embrace their uniqueness and break away from the norm. "Suffering From Luv" is not just another tape; it's a generational piece that I hope will resonate with many.

Looking Ahead

I have no doubt that I'll reach the top sooner than expected. My work ethic and determination are too strong to settle for anything less. When I do get there, I'll remember who supported me and who didn't. This tape is more than just music—it's a reflection of my journey, my struggles, and my triumphs. It's a message to everyone who's felt the highs and lows of love.

I can't wait to share "Suffering From Luv" with all of you. It's a piece of my heart and soul, and I hope it connects with you on a deep level. Stay tuned for its release—this is just the beginning.

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