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Westsidered: Unveiling the Sound of Reality Rap from Atlanta, GA

In the bustling streets of Atlanta, Georgia, a musical force known as Westsidered is making waves in the world of hip-hop. This talented artist, whose real name remains a mystery, has become a prominent figure in the Atlanta music scene with a decade of dedication to creating his unique brand of music.

Atlanta Roots and Musical Mastery

Westsidered hails from the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, known as the epicenter of modern hip-hop culture. It's a place where creativity flows like the city's famous Southern hospitality, and Westsidered has soaked up the influence.

A Decade in the Making

For the past ten years, Westsidered has been a consistent presence in the music industry, churning out tracks that resonate with authenticity and raw emotion. His journey began with "Project Hollywood Welcome to Our Show," his first notable project that laid the foundation for what was to come.

Influences That Shape the Craft

Westsidered draws inspiration from hip-hop legends like Tupac, Common, and Nas, artists renowned for their storytelling and lyrical prowess. This influence is evident in his music, which he describes as "Reality Rap." It's a genre that delves deep into life's truths, conveying stories that resonate with the listener's soul.

Independence and Aspiration

What sets Westsidered apart is his independent spirit. Unconstrained by labels, he is in control of his musical destiny. With a preference for a distribution deal over a traditional record deal, he values artistic freedom and creative control above all else.

A Support System That Matters

While music is his passion, Westsidered remains grounded in faith, family, and self-belief. He counts God, his grandmother, and his own determination as his biggest supporters in this journey.

Crafting Music and Concepts

Westsidered not only writes his material but also collaborates with videographers to create music videos that align with his vision. This hands-on approach ensures that every aspect of his artistry remains true to his essence.

A Nostalgic Ear

While creating cutting-edge music, Westsidered's heart remains connected to the old-school hip-hop and R&B classics that defined the genre. His appreciation for the roots of hip-hop shines through in his work.

What's Next for Westsidered?

Currently, Westsidered is hard at work on "Oddball pt2," a project that promises to build on the success of its predecessor. Fans can expect more of his signature storytelling and raw lyricism.

In Closing

Westsidered is a shining example of an artist who stays true to his craft and values his artistic integrity above all else. With his unique take on "Reality Rap" and a decade of experience under his belt, we can only anticipate greater things on the horizon. Keep an eye out for his upcoming releases as he continues to carve his path through the world of hip-hop.

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