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Who Is Lil Reef

Lil Reef is a talented music artist from Chicopee, Massachusetts. His song “Racked On Me'' gained over one million streams in 2017. At this time Reef started to take music more seriously. He was working at FedEx, dropped the song and locked his phone away for the day at work. When he turned his phone back on, his friend from work sent him screenshots of his song at 100k, 300k, and 900k. The song is not at over 1.2m streams on soundcloud.

Reef first got into music when he was younger. He grew up loving poetry. He also used to like dancing and would make his own songs to dance too when he was younger. He recorded his first song at ten years old. Lil Wayne was his favorite music artist growing up. He wants people to feel how Lil Wayne’s music made him feel; free, unstoppable, and not having to filter yourself for anyone. He is a versatile artist and creates music based on how he feels and his vibe. Reef can make a song in 15 minutes.

Reef is a talented artist and has a lot of new content on the way.

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