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Yvng Sammie Next to blow up out of Canada

Yvng Sammie is an artist, dancer, songwriter, and entertainer from Toronto and has become the talk of the town with his musical talent. Despite experiencing a few setbacks in life, Sammie never let them affect his passion for entertaining and has engaged in it since childhood. His musical journey began by spending hours in songwriting as a child. Then he began showing off his dance skills on the app 'vine.' Since 2009, Yvng Sammie has been in the studio creating music, and his first project was released recently on 22nd October titled "Life of a Virgo."

Yvng Sammie mostly releases music catering to the HipHop, R&B, and Pop Music genres. As a lover of both music and dance, the inspiring figures that fuel his motivation include Michael Jackson, Lil Durk, Don Toliver, and Drake. One of the young artist's most heartfelt desires and ambitions is to work with one of the best singers to come out of Toronto, Drake. Yvng Sammie has Melodic, OnDuty TR, and Nathaniel Scarlette on his latest EP release, all talented artists with a great zeal for music.

Yvng Sammie has experience in theater as he went to drama school and has big plans for being on the big screens of Hollywood. The innovative and creative visual concepts in his videos are self-written by Sammie and greatly reflect his love for performance. Currently, Sammie is an independent artist and runs his music label Peridot Music; however, he is open to the idea of being signed to a record label if given a good offer. Yvng Sammie curates his music in a way that resonates with his talent for dancing as it is known to radiate "fun dance vibes."

Yvng Sammie has impeccable musical talent, and his burning passion for the arts drives him to go global and expand internationally. His dream locations for performing and showing are Dubai and Bali, which he hopes to visit soon. Sammie is currently working on the Deluxe Edition to the Life of a Virgo, which will drop in early 2022. Before this drop, he has plans of releasing record ‘Love Story’ before the end of 2021. Once he has achieved this goal, Sammie will return to the studio and work hard for the Deluxe to his EP 2022.